Introducing Breindel and Eliora

It's been more or less a year since I last posted something in this blog. I just decided to transform this blog into an online diary of mine. Since I have nothing better to do, I'd rather spend time writing something, not only to free me out of boredom but also to improve my writing skills. That's why I didn't delete my previous posts, to compare how I write in the past and, well now. But I edited, most of the posts.
Move along.
There are a lot of changes in my life since I last posted. First of all, I'm sixteen this year, and currently studying in High School, and taking IB's Diploma Programme, hopefully I'll survive.
I'll be posting mostly of events I did since I last posted, and after this post.
Incase you're wondering about Breindel and Eliora, I guess you are going to know them soon enough. They are girls and they have jewish names. Breindel means a brunette, and Eliora is the feminine form of Elior which means "God is my light," in jewish. Well I find this quiet interesting, that I am actually explaining about jewish names. I guess it's because my recent admiration of Mediterranean, Eastern and Western Europe cultures, which amazes me somehow, especially their music. I guess I'll explain about these somehow in my upcoming posts. Also maybe about Brazil. We'll see.

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