Introducing Breindel and Eliora

It's been more or less a year since I last posted something in this blog. I just decided to transform this blog into an online diary of mine. Since I have nothing better to do, I'd rather spend time writing something, not only to free me out of boredom but also to improve my writing skills. That's why I didn't delete my previous posts, to compare how I write in the past and, well now. But I edited, most of the posts.
Move along.
There are a lot of changes in my life since I last posted. First of all, I'm sixteen this year, and currently studying in High School, and taking IB's Diploma Programme, hopefully I'll survive.
I'll be posting mostly of events I did since I last posted, and after this post.
Incase you're wondering about Breindel and Eliora, I guess you are going to know them soon enough. They are girls and they have jewish names. Breindel means a brunette, and Eliora is the feminine form of Elior which means "God is my light," in jewish. Well I find this quiet interesting, that I am actually explaining about jewish names. I guess it's because my recent admiration of Mediterranean, Eastern and Western Europe cultures, which amazes me somehow, especially their music. I guess I'll explain about these somehow in my upcoming posts. Also maybe about Brazil. We'll see.


Happy Holidays



I spent the summer by reading books and listening to my ipod for several days.
this is how




Since we had nothing to do for the holidays, and my friend and I was at my friend's house doing things. We decided to make a video. Due to not having a video camera near us, we made a stop motion. A collection of photos which forms a movement, the same as an animation, replacing drawings with photos. The theme is well randomly picked, it's about treasure hunting. There's no message from this video, its just an experimental immature video. 




Arcade Fire

I am and arcade fan, therefore I can't wait for they're third LP to come out. This. Is. Exciting.  


Vancouver, BC

>downtown vancouver
>downtown vancouver
>stanley park
>stanley park
>further downtown, where they sell good chilli